From elevators, professional recording studios and wine cellars, living room concert halls, hobby/art collection rooms, to art studios handling toxic materials and special needs individuals details,  nothing is out of your reach in the design and build of your new J.G. Madueña custom home.  Every nuance of your lifestyle, needs and desires will be valued to ensure your new home is everything you want it to be. 

Jim has designed and built homes for many out of state clients. Good design and careful communication is paramount to Jim’s build plan.  The design phase will culminate with the Detailed Project Plans and Specifications.  Every detail is addressed including budget for your home. There are no surprises!

"The home has exceeded my expectations" are the kinds of comments from our long distance clients. 


J.G. Madueña is Designing and Creating your “One of a Kind” Home Reflecting Your Unique Style and Taste.   If you have an idea of what your home will be like or are undecided, Jim  will work with you to translate everything you want…everything you have imagined into the perfect home for you.  Your partnership with Jim  is a collaboration facilitated by his guidance in design and construction.

Jim’s Program for Design can accommodate even the busiest clients. Jim will listen to you and  ask a lot of questions.  He will  learn what matters to you… what styling is right for you… what features will best enhance your daily life. And in the process, together as a team, explore new ideas… fresh concepts… and push the limits to ensure your home is right for you from day one and for the rest of your life.

We’ll talk about your needs today, but we’ll also explore what those needs may be in the future.  Accessibility may not seem important right now, but it’s an important long-term consideration… one that, if taken into consideration now, could save you thousands later on.


In building with J.G. Madueña, you’re putting a great deal of confidence in us.  That’s why we focus on transparency and communication.  We are committed to ensuring that you are connected, informed and involved from start to finish.

Whether you are here in New Mexico or out-of-state during the design and build, you can be sure that we’ll work hand in hand with you through every little decision and choice… and all the big ones as well.

We’ll keep you informed regarding building techniques, deliveries, installations… all the details that matter to you.  If there’s any question about anything, no matter how big or small, we’ll contact you. 


The Standard features in a JG Madueña Home are not the typical standard building codes. The standards for our homes are above the ordinary required building codes and these features  are included in the base price of your home. Standard building codes are a place where we could cut corners. But, we won’t because JG Madueña sets the bar above the ordinary (standard building codes) to create highly efficient and beautiful homes and that is one big reason why our clients love their JG Madueña home.

When we sit together and review everything that will be included in the price of your home, we know that you will clearly recognize that we are partners in this process… two parties working together to build an exceptionally well built beautiful custom home and a lasting relationship… one that is valued now and for the years to come. 


Green Building

There are standards in green building, and there are choices.  Your home can be as green as you want it to be.  Together, we’ll review the many choices, from construction techniques and materials to the extensive differences in efficiencies and ratings that you’ll find in windows, appliances, lighting and more.

Owner, Jim Madueña, is a “Certified Green Professional” through National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and a graduate of the advanced Building Science Courses.  He served as 2010 Chair of the Home Builder Association (HBA) of Central NM Green Build Council.

Why is that important to you?  The value is this: Jim will leverage his expertise in residential building techniques, materials, design, building orientation, and green technologies in the design and build of your new home, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’ve selected a builder who is committed to being an industry leader and the best in new home construction, sustainability and energy conservation.


Living in New Mexico affords one an enviable lifestyle… one that incorporates outdoor living into daily life.  And that’s exactly why we feel so strongly about working together with you to maximize your outdoor living spaces.

It starts with designing, orienting and building your home to blend in naturally with your home site, vegetation and landscape.  And, it continues with a focus on an indoor-to-outdoor living environment that transitions seamlessly… visually and functionally.

Decks, patios, walls, seating, shade structures, outdoor cooking, fire pits, water features, planters and lighting are just some of the many considerations we’ll review with you.  We’ll explore options in materials to create a naturally, visually-appealing outdoor environment, yet one that’s comfortable, inviting, and sustainable for everyday living and enjoyable entertaining.


The setting…. the landscape… the views… all are important considerations when choosing your home site.  Perhaps you’ve already selected a site.  If so, we’ll spend considerable time there to consider how to best orient your home to enhance views, natural light and energy efficiency.

If you’re looking for a site, we’ll talk with you to learn what factors are most important to you, and then will explore and present every option that we believe will meet your wish list.




Your confidence, trust, and peace of mind are important to us.  As a custom home builder, we know that your design/build experience will be shared.  And that’s why we take our role as designer and builder, and our relationship with you, so seriously.

Every step we take… every detail… is planned and executed with you, and your satisfaction, in mind.
We work hard to earn your trust.  That includes excelling in the home building industry.  Below are our qualifications and certifications as demonstration of our commitment to quality, in the industry as a whole, and in building a home you’ll enjoy and treasure for a lifetime. 
Jim Madueña is a Certified Green Professional (CGP) through the NAHB National University of Housing and the Home Builders Institute.  This building practice emphasizes lower maintenance, enhanced indoor air quality, energy and resource efficiency, water conservation and sustained long-term value in home construction through advances in the science of residential building which comprises - materials; design; building location and orientation; building techniques and green technologies.  Jim knows our current and future generations will benefit from Green building methods. Jim is also a graduate of the advanced Building Science Courses providing master building education in The Building Sciences.

Jim keeps up with today's innovations by continuing education through membership in the National Home Builders Association (NAHB) and its affiliated University, the New Mexico Home Builders Association, Build Green New Mexico and the NHBA Custom Homes Symposiums providing education through classes, web sites, symposiums, professional networking and the industry's publications.  

Jim Madueña, Designer/Builder, is known and respected as a premier builder and has been selected by his peers to be Judge for the Santa Fe Parade of Homes and the Albuquerque Home Parade. He is past chair of the Green Build Council of the HBA of Central New Mexico and is an active member.  He served on the BGNM Council’s Technical Advisory Committee for the state of New Mexico and has served on the board of directors for the state of New Mexico Home Builders Association. Jim lives and builds in Placitas. He served on the Placitas Community Library Advisory Board for design and construction of the local library.  He is retired from 17 years as volunteer firefighter and he serves on the Sandoval County Zoning Commission.

JG Madueña Home is fully licensed by the Construction Industries Division, and maintains continuous, uninterrupted bonding and insurance for general liability and workers compensation. 


Build Green NM


We felt that Jim really listened to our preferences and acknowledged our budgets without making us feel like we had to push and spend more than we had. 

Suzane K. and Paul I.


NAHB Build Green NM


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JG Madueña Homes has been designing/building award winning homes of distinction since 1996. Constantly perfecting his craft and updating techniques and materials with the best Green Building has to offer. Jim specializes in creating homes that are sensitive to the client’s needs and desires and our environment. Always taking the hands on approach to every design and construction detail. Collaborating with clients and architects to build beautiful, functional, high performance homes for today and tomorrow.

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Green-building principles and standards have always been integral to J.G Madueña Homes’ design and construction.

Owner, Jim Madueña, is a “Certified Green Professional” through the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

His expertise and commitment to quality will give you the confidence and peace of mind you want and expect through the entire design and build process.

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